Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Conversations with Max and Maggie

Conversations with Max:

Thanks to an uber-generous gift of an awesome new TV, we now have PBS kids playing in our house in the mornings. This is the first time we have had TV in our house basically since we've been married (maybe we had it for a few months at one point pre-kids?). Anyway, the kids are loving their PBS shows, and we are learning how to regulate the amount of TV time. :-) The kids were watching PBS this morning when I called to them from the bedroom:

Me: Kids, in five minutes the show goes off so I can do my exercising.
Max: Oh, man!
Lucas: Max, why don't you do the exercises with your mom?
Max: I don't do exercising early in the morning. I just watch TV and play video games.

That sounds like something I would say!

Conversations with Maggie:

Last week as soon as Maggie and I walked into the standard bathroom in Best Buy:

Maggie: (looking around at the metal stalls) Ohhhhhh, This is wonderful!
(Stranger in middle stall starts laughing uncontrollably)
Me: (Chuckling) Why is this bathroom wonderful?
Maggie: It has a place just for me!

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Five Freddys said...

These are hilarious. I can't even post what my kids have said out loud in public restrooms! So embarrassing!