Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Sweet Reunion

Last week Maggie and I flew to Arkansas for Memorial Day weekend. In addition to getting to spend some sweet time with my mom and dad and Uncle Larry, Aunt Suzie and cousin Brandon, I also had the HUGE treat of getting to see some of my college buddies from JBU!  It was so great to reconnect with these friends, many of whom I have not seen in several years!

Maggie and I were both sick during our whole trip, but we did our best to pretend like we weren't. :-) I couldn't stand the thought of missing out on visiting with these friends, so we just sucked it up, took a LOT of Tylenol and other cold drugs and had a blast with our friends!

Here are just a few pics of our great weekend!

Self portrait of me with Kris!

The adorable Mullins family

Everyone got to stop by and visit with my mom. How special for me!

The charming and endearing William with his parents, Jenna-Clare and Jeremy

Maggie and I at Natural Falls state park

The Hartgroves!

The whole gang at Natural Falls

Nathaniel Smith introduces Maggie to the doggie.

Jenna-Clare and I in front of the cathedral.

Farewell, friends! Thank you for the great weekend!

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the schilps said...

quite the different gang since college, yes?! look at all those babies. so glad you were able to make it.
love you, friend.