Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Inaugural Dentist Visit

Max made his first trek to the dentist's office today:

The good news: Max was a champ. I was really nervous about taking him, because in the past he has had what I would classify as panic attacks whenever we are in any type of medical facility. We're talking about the get-yourself-so-worked-up-that-you-start-barfing type of panic. For some reason this panic also translates to haircuts as well. So I was afraid that the dentist was going to be yet another thing to add to that list.

But, much to my surprise, Max was peachy-keen through the whole experience. And ever since we got home tonight, he's been wanting to play "dentist," poking around on my teeth with a plastic knife.

The bad news: Cavities. And their impending assault on our meager budget. :-) Looks like it's time to ramp up my toddler brushing/flossing skills. Apparently I haven't been cutting it!

As a side note: To all my buddies out there who have not yet ventured into the world of dentistry with your toddlers/preschoolers: I totally recommend finding a pediatric dentist. I took Max to dentist that specializes in pediatric dentistry, and I really think it is the one reason he had such a good experience. 

The whole place was geared toward kids, and the staff obviously knew how to put little ones at ease. As soon as Max laid down on the table, the hygienist gave him a pair of headphones and pointed to the screen on the ceiling where he could watch Finding Nemo while they "counted his teeth." 

And by the way, I know kids LOVE Nemo, but wouldn't you think the dentist scenes in that movie would freak kids out as they were sitting in a dentist's chair? Even Max said today, "In Nemo, the dentist uses that screw driver on that one guy's teeth!" The hygienist next to us quickly and kindly corrected him just as she put a mouth-ful of tools into the mouth of the 4-year-old in the next chair over! Ha!

Anyway, the whole experience was fantastic, and I just cringe thinking about what it could have been like with someone like my childhood dentist and Max. Thank you, Lord, for such a successful day.... even with the cavity discovery!


Christine said...

Yeah!! Way to go Max!! I completely agree--we just had our first visit-with a Pediatric Dentist. It went great because they were SO wonderful! Too bad about cavities!! Don't beat yourself up--some people just seem more prone to get them. Glad you're getting back into the swing of things!

Smits Family said...

wow! Glad your experience was so good. WE did a pediatric dentist and both times we have had to pin down our little pistol! I think it has something to do with his personality! :)

the schilps said...

yea for success!
love you.