Monday, May 04, 2009

Mondays are Good Pajama Days

We're all still in our pajamas here on this dreary Monday morning. [Not that that's unheard of for us on a Monday morning at 9:30 :-) ] Max is watching cartoons– a treat he's come to really appreciate at Grandmama and Grandpapa's house– and Maggie is stacking and re-stacking cupcake baking cups and feeding crackers to her stuffed Mickey. We're making this a low-key day.

Pray for my mom. It's been a terribly hard two weeks on her, and yesterday and today the weariness in her eyes was the strongest I've seen it. She's been so incredibly brave, strong and trusting through this entire journey. I am hoping that our gracious God will give her some good-feeling days soon.

Tonight I'll go pick up Lucas at the airport at midnight. Thank the Lord that, as far as we know, this marks the end of us having to be separated for weeks on end. The kids and I had originally planned to stay in Arkansas throughout May and then have Lucas join us at the beginning of June when he is finished teaching. But since mom's oncologist feels that she is somewhat stable at this point (this could change at any time), combined with the fact that we've reached the end of what we can handle with this separation business, we're all going to head back to Idaho for a few weeks. 

I am thankful to be able to get back home for a bit- I would say it is a necessity for our little family at this point. It's been a hard year, with harder days likely to come. And as hard as it will be to be away from my mom right now, we need a respite and something that at least vaguely resembles normalcy for a few weeks. 

Of course, I'm sure that when we get back to Idaho, I'll be wanting badly to be back here with mom. But that is the nature of life these days. We've been so thankful to be here with her and dad, and we're thankful to have some time to go home for a while, too.

But mostly, I'm just really happy that I get to see my husband tonight!


christine said...

I just love you so much and am praying for you!! I am so glad that you get to see Lucas tonight, too! I truly hope that your time at home is restful--I know it has blessed Vicki so much to have you here--but it will also be wonderful for your sweet kiddos to have some home time. We're thinking of you!

the schilps said...

and i am too!!! i have been thinking of that so often for you, rissa. so, i am glad lucas will be there this evening. i hope it is rest and much needed strength for you. i am praying for you, my friend.

and, REALLY hoping i get to see you soon. we most likely will be in siloam at the end of june. will you be around then?