Saturday, May 30, 2009

Our Fun Friday

We had a super fun Friday yesterday with just our little family of four! Here are the highlights:

• We put out a spontaneous yard sale yesterday morning. I know the words "spontaneous" and "yard sale" aren't usually found in the same sentence. However, this actually worked out great for us yesterday! I saw that our neighbors were holding a yard sale, so I took advantage of all their hard work of putting up signs to direct traffic. I put out a bunch of my overstocks from couponing as well as some clothes and home items that I already had gathered for a sale. I was only outside with the sale for one hour, and I was able to earn a some extra cash to buy some organizations items from our going-out-of-business Office Max store. I was pleased!

• We all took Lucas to the dentist. Max went back with Lucas and apparently charmed all the hygienists while Lucas got his teeth cleaned. Meanwhile, this is what Maggie and I did outside:

Self Portraits with the iPhone!

Can't you just hear her: "Hey, guys. Listen up. I have an idea."

and last but not least:

• We took the kids to a matinee of Pixar's new movie, Up. We loved it! After I saw the trailer, I wasn't sure how good the plot of the movie was going to be. But, Pixar never disappoints! It was great, and both the kids watched the WHOLE movie, which was a first for Maggie. It was a fun outing!

Now back at the Roebuck ranch, we're continuing the saga of trying to get everyone completely well. Lucas and I both are struggling to get back to 100% health after 3 weeks of being sick. We are so ready to feel completely better!

Coming soon: pics from our wonderful visit with the Main family this week!

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Casey said...

That DOES sound like a fun day! When you're back and settled in Siloam, Rita and I need to come over and see ya!