Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Gospel and My Son

Recently I have found the Gospel presenting itself at every turn in little Maximus' life. I am praying that God uses these seeds to begin whispering His love to my son. Here is how the Gospel wove its way into our day from the first moment of the morning, when I went in to get him out of bed:

Maximus: Mommy, Mommy! Come look at this! Come look outside!
(He pulls back the curtains by his bed) It's almost a little bit light outside!

Cherissa: You're right. It's almost morning. Are you ready to get up? Hop out of bed.

(Maximus climbs out of bed and begins running toward the bedroom door, only to freeze and turn around to tell me one more thing.)

Maximus: There was light coming out of the dark night.

His words caught me off guard, and I was overwhelmed by the simplicity and beauty of what he just said and how it so vividly pointed to Jesus.

Cherissa: Maximus, those words you just said reminded me about Jesus! He said, "I am the Light of the World." The world was a dark place because there were so many dark and bad hearts. But Jesus came into the world to take away those dark hearts and make a way for us to be friends with God. He was the Light coming into the darkness.

He listened and then happily jogged out of the room. About thirty minutes later while I was making breakfast, I was surprised to find that our little conversation was still on his mind.

Cherissa: Let's turn on some music and worship God.

Maximus: Let's worship Him for the Light coming into the dark night.

And even though I thought my task for the morning was to point my little one to Jesus, I realized that God had used his little child's heart to remind me of the power of the Gospel this morning.


Alison said...

It's so neat to see how you use all those little moments to point Maximus to God. Such a great mom, and so inspiring!

Anonymous said...

I have to admit that when I was with him, he was folding his hands in the Kung Fu way and saying "master" the way uncle Jacob taught him. So I took the opportunity and that night, told him that Jesus was our real master, not Master Sneefoo or whatever his name is on Kung Foo panda. This created a scream and a "NO - I WANT MASTER SNEEFOO TO BE MY MASTER." So - again, I defer to the mom for teaching spiritual lessons. Ours didn't work so well.

the schilps said...

wow, riss. wow!

amandromeda said...

That's so cool. I love those little moments. Sometimes, out of the blue, Isaiah will talk about something that we went over in Sunday school. I take every opportunity because most of the time I feel like he's not listening! I love knowing that some things just stick.

Amanda said...

That's so cool, Riss. You're a good mom.:)

Lisi said...

This blessed me so much. Thank you for sharing. I wish there were fellow moms like you close by!

Allison Bellomy said...

that is so cool! God is so neat how he does things like that!

Diane said...

That is so precious!!!
That's the way we're to come to Jesus.... in simple child like faith.
NEAT!!! Thanks Cherissa for sharing that wonderful story!

Love ya,

Lynette said...

Your story is so beautiful. Can I share it with the other teachers at the Christian preschool where I work?
I teach three year olds and I am always looking for effective ways to relay spiritual truths to three year olds.
Your story captures a true moment in the thinking of a three year old, which is beautiful. Then, it is beautiful because you extended the moment by teaching true things about God's nature. And finally, Cherissa, it is beautifully written. Thank you for sharing that special moment with others.
I wish I had thought to write down such moments when my children were young. You are a very good mom!

Anonymous said...

this is precious. I cherish this memory, and it isn't even mine. Continue to teach them to be overwhelmed with all God has done. love you-kim

Melissa McMahan said...

What precious conversation!!! And glad you liked the picture...I thought it was beautiful!! :)