Friday, January 30, 2009

Get $10 of free stuff from QVC

Hey, friends. Just wanted to let you in on a deal I found today: click here to sign up for a free account with QVC, and they will automatically put $10 credit in your account. 

You can choose anything on their site that costs $10 or less (there's tons of stuff to choose from!), and it will be free to you. The $10 will also cover shipping costs, so if you choose something that costs $10 or less including shipping, you won't have to pay anything at all.

Once you’ve registered, QVC will display a page that contains your account number …SAVE the account number. At the prompt, sign in with your QVC account number and pin (don’t sign in with your email address). The $10 discount will automatically be applied to your account, and you can begin shopping immediately.

QVC also has a referral program, so once you’ve registered, send your personal referral link to all of your friends…you’ll each receive $10 in QVC credit!

Happy Friday! Enjoy free shopping!

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