Monday, November 10, 2008

Our Fun Sunday

We had a great day yesterday! First, we had a great morning at church. Max learned that God is Omnipresent. The teacher said he was really quiet during the lesson until she said that Omnipresent meant God is everywhere.... even DisneyLand. Max suddenly got very interested in spiritual things.

After church, we got to meet up with Gramma Cheryl and Pops for lunch. They are moving from Denver to Oregon, so we were a stop on their path! Max had A LOT to talk to Gramma Cheryl about:

Maggie tried to impress Pops with her yogurt eating skills.
We were so glad to get to see them!

After lunch and naps, we got to help our buddy Ruthanne celebrate her first birthday! It was a great birthday party, and we had a ton of fun. Ruthanne's mom was even nice enough to set up special places for Max and Maggie to eat their cake. 

Speaking of cake, I wish I would have taken a picture of Ruthanne's birthday cake. It was awesome, and her mom made it. It had an adorable yellow ducky on the top that Ruthanne dug into. Happy first birthday, Ruthanne!

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Anonymous said...

thank you for your comment. and I totally agree - those people who have been around for decades upon decades are the ones i stare at in awe. I want that.

it's like I know the truth, and it's like "duh" it's true, but i don't believe it. i find it hard to live like it's true.

anyway, no deletion of the blog will take place. i love your pictures. and thanks for your encouragement.