Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Magical World of Disney

Wow- we just arrived in Arkansas, and we're already having such a special time!! 

My youngest brother Tyler, who is about the graduate from JBU in three weeks, is now working for Disney Consumer Products in Bentonville, Arkansas- home of Wal-Mart headquarters and the corresponding "vendorville" (vendors to Wal-Mart).

Today,  he took me, mom, Meagan, Max and Maggie on a tour of their Disney facility called "The Lab." This is the building where they set up elaborate displays of current and future licensed merchandise. It is also a facility for corporate meetings between Disney, the manufacturers, and Wal-Mart. The tour was really interesting!

Max and Maggie were pretty oblivious to the business facts of the tour.... but they sure were interested in the stuff!! 

At the end of the tour, Tyler left for a few minutes, and then returned with another Disney employee. They had gathered armfuls of wonderful toys for the kids! Maggie got a huge stuffed Nemo, and Max got Red the firetruck from Cars, along with lots of other goodies for both of them. What a special surprise- it felt like Christmas.

I told Tyler his new job might just seal his status as "favorite uncle"... which is no small feat in this family! Don't worry, all you other fabulous uncles out there... the kids have a new favorite uncle every other week. :-)


Five Freddys said...

Those pigtails are priceless!

Allison Bellomy said...

how awesome! i didn't know that was where he was working. I am sure that was a ton of fun!!

I can't believe how much OLDER Maggie looks with those pigtails! the looks like a little cute! :)