Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Back in the Land 'O Potatoes

We're Home!

For the sake of sanity and positive attitudes in general, I will not recount the event that Maggie and I made out of our final leg of our flight home. Let's just suffice it to say that when we landed, the pilot came on the intercom and said, "Hooray. We're here." And it was in reference to us. Every seat was taken on the flight, and Maggie wailed like she was dying for 1 hour and 39 minutes: gate to gate. 

Poor Maggie. She was doing the best she could. She was sick and exhausted... two states of being that carried over into our night last night. She hardly slept a wink, and so now we're all feeling a bit beat up around here. It has not been a fun 24 hours, but I told Lucas I'd do it again ten times over to get to be a part of the conference this weekend. 

We're going to spend the next week trying to recuperate, get packed, stock Lucas up on some meals for the two weeks we'll be apart, and get together with some friends here in Idaho before we take out again on Monday for our holiday extravaganza. I was dreading having to do the whole travel/flight day with both kids alone again next week, but then I realized that: a) I will probably be a little more rested by that time than I am today, and b) I won't have to turn around and do the return flight day three days later like I did this weekend. So I think we'll be just fine.

AND FOR THE RECORD, the flight attendant on one of the flights made a point to stop at our seat to give me discourse on how kids "are really pretty easy at this stage" (referring to Maggie) "Believe it or not, they just get harder as they get older," She said. She went on to tell me that she has a 7 year old. Can ANYONE out there in blog world vouch for the fact that 7-year- olds are more difficult to take care of than 1-year-olds? Because I'm not buying it.

Seriously, people. Someone needs to inform the world that the phrase, "It only gets harder"  is NEVER an appropriate thing to say to a mom of toddlers. Particularly in airports, which seems to be where I hear it quite frequently.


Jenn Perez said...

Dear Cherissa, I've had such fun lurking here, but couldn't resist responding to this one. I don't yet have a 7-year-old, but as the mom of a not-quite-5-year-old (and 2-and-a-half and 10 months) I assure you that it does get more challenging mentally/emotionally, but physically, it gets easier. Much easier. I flew to California and back with all 3 boys by myself in August, and it was surprisingly manageable. You can do it!

Five Freddys said...

Seriously! Don't tell me it gets harder when sweat is pooring down my face and I've apologized for my whailing child twenty times over! But, I have heard echoed the wisdom of Jenn Perez. While it may be true, ignorance is bliss and I want to believe it only gets better :)

Brandy Roebuck said...

I think it gets easier because you no longer have to do everything. The only thing that has gotten harder to deal with is the attitude that Susan has. I think it has to do with the kid too. Jackson was an easy baby but once 2 hit he has been difficult since and he hasn't changed. The only thing that has gotten harder is that as they get older they want to fight with each other. As they get older security gates get easier. You will also be able to nap on the plane as they get older because they can take care of themselves. As they get older they are able to help you too.

Jonathan said...

Do these people in airports/planes think that their statements are comforting???

Maybe it does get harder, I don't know...but at our house, I can't tell you how many times I've marveled, along with Jeff, how much easier an almost-four-year-old is than a baby or toddler. I really think that as some areas get a little more challenging, some get much easier. Or maybe I'm just better suited to this age child. :)

I have never heard of a seven-year-old, at least, who wails for an hour and 39 minutes in his mother's lap. Have you? ;)


Smits Family said...
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Smits Family said...

Ok, first off... did the pilot SERIOUSLY say that? And in reference to you?! Goodness! I am so sorry! Flying can be sooo rough sometimes.... just remind all the people giving you bad looks and advice that it is NOT the childs ears that is making them cry and this IS public transportation so if they are really that annoyed they can charter a flight! :)