Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Earliest Christmas Party in the History of Christmas Parties

We just celebrated the earliest Christmas party in the history of christmas parties. And it was awesome. Mollie and Monroe came over Friday night and we played Christmas music, enjoyed a meal together, baked and decorated gingerbread men, opened presents and packed a box for Operation Christmas Child. What a night!

I hadn't realized until Friday morning how I had been just a little bit sad that I wasn't going to be able to decorate or celebrate Christmas in any way in my own home this year (because we will be celebrating with my family through all the holidays, which we are SO excited about!). When Mollie had the idea to bake gingerbread men with the kids, I decided to make it a full-blown Christmas bash. It was so nice to be able to celebrate in our home, even for one evening.

Warning: Lots of photos to follow. We just had such a great time, I had to give you all a peak:

Before the decorating began

After the decorating was complete. Max wasn't really into the whole "Less is More" idea.

Monroe's perfect creation. What an overachiever. :-)

Max's Creation.

Mollie works diligently on her "Little House on the Prairie Girl." This must be where Monroe gets the overachiever gene. Or maybe it's Gene with the overachiever gene. Ha ha. I thought of that little joke all by myself.

My little gingerbread Lucas. Isn't he adorable?

Lucas made a storm trooper.

Packing up our box for Operation Christmas Child. I won't mention the fact that Max threw a knock-down-drag-out fit when he found out that the box was not in fact for him, but for some poor child in a third world country. What a selfless little angel we're raising. We'll keep working on it. :-)

Thanks, Mollie and Monroe, for a GREAT early Christmas celebration!

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Becca said...

Those gingerbread men are really cute lol