Thursday, July 16, 2009

Moving to Arkansas!

Big news for the Roebuck family: We are moving from Idaho to Arkansas. In two weeks. :-)

This week, Lucas accepted a job as Director of University Communications for John Brown University. He is really excited about this new challenge, and we are both thrilled to be moving back to the town we consider home: Siloam Springs, Arkansas.... where we met and fell in love, and where we both have family close by.

The next couple weeks will be a whirlwind, so don't worry about us if the blog gets a little "stale" between now and August 1st. We'll be sure to update as often as we get the chance.


Smits Family said...

SO excited for you and your WHOLE family!!

the schilps said...

wooohooooooooo!!! i love the roebucks sense of adventure. and i love you get to be by your family, riss. praying for the details of your house and packing and resettling. so excited for you!
love you

Amanda said...

That's awesome, Riss!

Mom Keena said...

Yay! Well, kind of. Since we moved to MT, I've always felt like we were neighbors way out here in no-man's land! But I'm so happy for you!