Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Conversations with Maximus

[Our awesome friends Mollie and Gene sent the kids a gift from InsectLore: a set of live catepillars which spun cacoons and then emerged as beautiful butterflies, all right in front of our eyes. The kids LOVED it.)

Lucas: Max, pretty soon we're going to release the butterflies and let them go outside.
Max: (crying) No!! I want to keep them! Don't let them go!
Lucas: If we leave them in the cage, they will die. They need to be free.
Max: (still crying). Okay. We will let them go so they can live. [Pause.] But maybe if we leave them in their house, they will die, but then they will wake up later.
Lucas: No, when things die, they don't wake up. It's like Simon [grandpapa and grandmama's dog]. He died, and he didn't ever come back.
Max: Daddy, are you going to die?
Lucas: Yes, someday I will die. But it won't be for a long time. You will probably grow up and be a man and have kids before I die.
Max: When you die, will you go to heaven?
Lucas: Yes, because of Jesus, I will.

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kathy said...

That is so sweet.