Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Saying Farewell to Friends For the Summer!

Tonight we are packing up the car; tomorrow we are saying farewell to Idaho for the summer! We are super thankful to have a great guy from NNU staying in our house while we're gone this summer– it's so nice to know that he will be able to watch the place and keep the lawn for us while we're out of town.

We've had a great week of visiting with friends before we head out. I managed to take zero pictures of the great time we had with our buddies Ben, Brooke and Ruthanne, but I did snap a couple of our super fun picnic in the sprinkling rain with Gene, Mollie, Monroe and Mairin.  We were so glad to get to spend some time with all these great friends before we hit the road!

We'll be spending a few days in Denver visiting with Lucas' mom and Tony, and then we'll drive on to Arkansas where we'll likely be until sometime in August. We'll update when we are settled in Arkansas!

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Lynette said...

I have been thinking of you the last few days and hope that you have a wonderful drive across the country.