Monday, June 08, 2009

Conversations with Maximus

Hey, Mom, Do I have a Frammy?
Me: A frammy?
Maximus: No, A F-Wamy.
Me: A Frwamy? I don't know what that is Max. Can you use different words to tell me what you mean?
Maximus: A fwamy, you know,  People who love me?
Me: Ohhhhh, a family. Yes! You have a family.
Maximus: Do I have a wife?
Me: No.
Maximus: Do you have a wife?
Me: No, I AM a wife. I am your daddy's wife.
Maximus: What's a wife?
Me: A wife is someone who is married to a man.
Maximus: What's 'married'?
Me: 'Married' means you become someone's husband or wife, and you choose to love them forever and live with them your whole life. Before you were born, your daddy and I had a wedding where we promised to love each other. So I will be married to your daddy as long as I am alive.
Maximus: Are you my wife?
Me: No. I am your mother. Go play with your legos.



Anonymous said...

Monroe: I don't want to have a husband.

Me: Okay - you don't have to.

Monroe: I don't want a baby, either.

Me: That's okay, too. You don't have to get married or have a baby. What do you want to do?

Monroe: I wanna be a babysitter, a doctor, and a burger maker.

Me: Then you do it!!

The Frugal Muse said...


LOVE IT! Your little Roe-Roe is just the sweetest.

Casey said...

He's precious. Cant wait to see all of you this summer. I saw Rita this weekend and we want to come see you guys once you're settled in Siloam.

♥AllxWeoKnowxIsoFalling♥ said...

so cute, and innocent Lol!