Sunday, March 08, 2009

Poor, Neglected Blog

Yes, this is a poor, neglected blog this week. So sorry, everyone! Laura called tonight and said something like, "Yeah, yeah.... The Frugal Muse is great and everything... but what about pictures of my niece and nephew?" Okay, Laura. I'll take the hint and get something new up here for everyone.

 [I just love my sister-in-law. Tonight we decided that 5 years of living apart is enough. We are finished with it. We didn't really get into specifics– you know, like where we would move and how we would find jobs, and whether our husbands thought it was a good idea and those types of minor, petty details. But we did decide firmly that we will no longer be living 1,000 miles apart. We'll keep you posted on how our plans shape up. :-) ]

ANYWAY... a couple of days ago, I was working in the kitchen when Max suddenly climbed up and stood up on a dining room chair, spread his arms high and wide and declared in a slow and decisive voice, 

"I – AM – GOD!" 

My back had been to him, and when I whipped around with a stern look on my face, preparing to correct his error, he had already humbled his body posture and sheepishly and quickly began to say, "Uh, I am not God. Mommy, I am not God." To which I had to smile and say, "That's right, you are not God. You are a human."

"Yes, Mommy. I am not God. I am a human."

And he went back to playing Legos, and has refrained from declaring himself deity since. :-)


Jonathan's Mom said...

Oh my goodness, that's hilarious.

Jonathan told me awhile back, "I know everything." You can imagine the conversation that followed. :)

If you and Laura are going to live closer, I hope that means that you are going to move in this direction! :)

Jenn P. said...

Samuel told me last week that he's stronger than God. Is it a phase they have to go through? Come to think of it, maybe that's what this life is all about.

Karen Sue said...

That's really funny! I laughed out loud. Though I am not a mom, I did have to correct some of my students today that they should not attempt to build a play-doh ladder to God. :)

Anonymous said...

That is one to keep on the books to tell him when he is older. How funny! Loved it.


Shannon Wheeler said...

One time, in a really deep, loud voice, I said, "I... AM... OMNIPOTENT!!!!" and boy, I got a talking to from my mom. I had just learned the word at church and thought it was so cool.