Sunday, March 01, 2009

Introducing: The Frugal Muse

Hey, everyone. Let me invite you to my new corner of the blogosphere: The Frugal Muse

Many of you know that over the course of the past year, I have become a pretty hard-core coupon user and bargain shopper. I've decided that I can no longer in good conscience keep all of these great deals to myself. I must share the love.

If you're like our family and looking to stretch your dollars a bit further, come check out the new blog. Hope you enjoy!


Jonathan said...

How exciting, Cherissa! I know you had been looking for your've found it!

Miss you!

Your large, pregnant friend

Smits Family said...

YAY Cherissa! I sooo wish we live by eachother! Do you have a kroger by you? There is an AMAZINg deal this week if you do that I can tell you about! :)

Rita said...

Riss, this is so great. I was inspired to try and do even a fourth of what you do after you posted the pictures of a mountain of diapers from Walgreens....but this is like a full-time job of its own, and I don't have time (read, kudos to you!!) So...I'm going to take full advantage of you doing all the hard work. :) Thank you a million times! Love you!