Friday, December 26, 2008

Pajama Outing

One of the really fun traditions my parents started when we were young kids was Pajama Outings. When we were little, we would climb into bed and listen for the old brass school bell that sat on a shelf above our kitchen table.

If we heard the bell, we would throw the covers back, hop out of bed and yell, "PAJAMA OUTING!" Then we would all pile in the car in our pajamas and go out for ice cream or drive around and look at Christmas lights during the holidays.

On Christmas Eve, Dad and Mom decided to carry on the Pajama Outing tradition with our kids:

Dad rings the bell. 

All of the ice cream places in town were closed, so we drove around to see some Christmas lights and then Max got to choose any treat he wanted at White Oak Station. Dad handed him a crisp new $5 bill, and he ran up to me yelling: "Mommy, Grandpapa gave me monies, Grandpapa gave me monies!" He chose something that cost $.59. :-)

Sock feet.

Checking out the goods with Grandmama.

His selection. Very Serious.

Max and Mommy.  Lucas was here, too. He had the idea for White Oak Station when all the other places were closed. It worked out great.

Maggie came along for the ride, but just couldn't keep her sweet little eyelids open.

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Marianne Johnson said...

What a fun idea! I will have to remember this when the holidays roll around next year. I love special memories like this.