Sunday, December 28, 2008

Conversations with Maximus

(Maximus is looking out the back door of my parents' home, looking for their half-dalmation, Simon. Simon had cancer and had to be put down a few days ago.)

Maximus: Simon is feeling better.
Me: Max, Simon was too sick, so he couldn't ever feel better. He died, and now he is gone.
Maximus: We just need to go in the car to the store and get him some Gatorade to make him feel better.
Me: Gatorade won't make him feel better, sweetheart. He is gone, and we can't give him any Gatorade.
Maximus: Well, let's get in the car and go to him.
Me: We can't get in the car and go to him, Max. I'm sorry, buddy. He is gone and we can't see him anymore.
Maximus: (quietly) I don't like that.
Me: I know, Max. I'm sorry.
(Quiet pause.)
Maximus: Grandmama is feeling good now. 


Mom Keena said...

I love Maximus! He is such a kind soul! Good job, Mom and Dad!

The Hargett Family said...

It's amazing what their little brains try to process.... Matt is almost six and every time we pull out of our subdivision and go towards Dawn Hill, he reminds me that it's how you get to Sharon's house... I can't believe that he still remembers that...