Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Blink

My mom died one month ago today. It seems like a lot longer to me. I wonder if it feels like just a blink to her.


Anonymous said...

I wonder.

Love you so much,
Aunt Suzie

Lynette said...

Cherissa, My mom died two weeks ago. My mother also had a passion for God's word and prayer and family. She also loved to think about being in heaven. I know our Moms would love each other. I hope they are enjoying themselves immensely. I found these words written by my mom in 1994 for a family camp at a chapel service:
" Mostly- for those of you here- I'm your Mama or your Grandma and you know I really like to think about Heaven- when we'll all be together with the Lord- perfect- no suffering no worries about anyone hurting you- just JOY absolute happiness together! " How wonderful to think of Vicki's joy in being in the presence of her King.

Soaring High said...

{{HUGS}} to you