Friday, April 01, 2011

Conversations with Max and Maggie

Last night as I was tucking Maggie into bed:

Maggie: Oooooo, I like your earrings. Someday will you buy me some earrings like these?
Me: Someday when you're a grown-up lady you can have earrings.
Maggie: And we can even share our earrings!
Me: We can! Someday when you're grown up I won't even have to tell you what to do or give you spankings.
Maggie: [Giggles]
Me: Then we can be friends, because you'll be all grown up and you'll know how to make good choices.
Me: That's right. Do you want to pray tonight or do you want me to?
Maggie: I will:

"Dear God, Thank you for our beautiful day. Thank you that Grandmama Vicki is at heaven. Thank you for my new clothes. Thank you for my clothes that aren't new but are still pretty. Thank you for a Daddy that always likes to give me ice cream every day. Amen."

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