Monday, May 03, 2010

Conversations Between Max and Maggie

Overheard this morning between Max and Maggie as they were looking at Carl and Ellie from Pixar's UP:

Maggie: Look at them!
Max: They are married.
Maggie: No, they are not married.
Max: Yes, they ARE married. Remember we saw them in the church? That means they are married.
Maggie: What's 'married'?
Max: You know, when you always stay together, and you live together in the same house and you are not friends.

Maybe I should insert here: I think Max was saying that when you are married you are more than "just friends," but I thought it was hilarious that he actually just said "you are not friends." Perhaps I'll have to make sure that he does indeed know that Lucas and I are both married and friends. :-)


Soaring High said...

that's awsome! I laughed out loud!

christine said...

Those pictures of your kiddos are awesome!!

Jonathan said...

Hahaha! I figured that he meant "more than friends," but the way he put it was perfect. :)


Love the picture!!!