Thursday, September 24, 2009

Max's Birthday Party!

We had such a great time celebrating Maximus' 4th birthday this week! We had his party a little early (his actual birthday isn't until Sunday) while his Grandpa and Abuelita are here visiting this week!

Max's cousins Jackson and Susan came to help us celebrate! They kids had fun playing speed Lego-building games:

Grandpa and Abuelita made their famous Carne Asada for dinner. It's the best food you can imagine. Seriously. Yum.

Opening presents. So many fun new things to play with!

The LEGO cake.

Maggie REALLY enjoyed the cake. :-)

All the party people! Except Uncle Russ, who came to celebrate but had to leave before we took this pic.

Silly String!


christine said...

The picture at the end of your dad with the umbrella, so CUTE!! And great job with the Leggo cake!! What a fun idea! Looks like a very fun evening!

Kristen said...

you are a very brave woman with silly string INSIDE! ;)

Sam said...

This is great! Wish we could have been there!!!

the schilps said...

happy birthday party, max, and almost birthday! hope you had a great time.
love you,
casey, abbe and asher