Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Conversations with Maximus

Insights into the imaginary friend Beedy continued today while riding in the car.....

Max: Hey, Mom. Beedy is a grown up man now.
Me: Oh, really? How did he grow up so quickly?
Max: Oh, well, he ate all his food and so he grew up really faster than me. Now he is a grandpa.
Me: Does he have a job?
Max: Yes. He works at J-B-fa.
Me: Hmmm..... is that sort of like J-B-U?
Max: Yes.
Me: Well, what does Beedy do for his job at J-B-fa?
Max: He works to earn money for toys. Toys for me AND for all of his grandsons.
Me: That's very generous of Beedy.
Max: Yes.

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