Monday, October 03, 2011

What We've Been Up To: Maggie

Maggie is a very energetic and busy four year old! She has taken on her roll as big sister with flying colors and loves her baby brother. She reads him stories and hugs him and baby talks to him. It's sweet, and I've been so proud of her in this area of her life.

She is also learning so much these days, and I suspect she will be doing a significant amount of reading in the next few months. She is learning along side Max as he brings work home from school, and she is already reading several words!

Maggie loves art! This is one of her recent drawings of (in her words) "Bethany Hamilton on her soul surfer board on a wave before she got attacked by the shark." :-)

P.S. We recently watched the movie Soul Surfer as a family and really enjoyed it. It made for some great discussion with our kids about how we can respond when hard things happen in life! We loved the special features with interviews with the real Bethany Hamilton– She and her family used this difficult situation to give honor to Jesus in such a public way. Awesome. We totally recommend it; the shark attack scene is too intense for little ones but is easily editable, and I thought the rest was very family friendly!

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