Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Conversations with Max and Maggie

Maggie: Mom, I have two plans for if a bad guy ever comes into our house. First, if he has a gun or a sword, we will take the gun or sword away from him and cut him or shoot him. Second, we will take some milk out of the refrigerator for 15 minutes, and once it is bad we will pour it in his mouth.
Max: Ummmm, Maggie, I don't think the #2 plan will work. Actually, I don't think the #1 plan will work either. Neither plan will work. How could you take a sword or a gun from the robber before he hurts you with it? Besides, robbers don't use swords.
Maggie: Well, you could make him say 'Surrender'!
Max: No, those plans won't work.


Lorenz Family Blog said...

So hilarious! Don't you just love kids' logic? :)

Jonathan said...

Love this! I guess she has been sharing Jonathan's recent preoccupation with bad guys. :)

Sarahndipity said...

I laughed so hard reading this!

Amanda said...

Oh, hilarious!

Meredith Adair said...

This too sounds like Connor and Audrey! So funny!