Tuesday, July 19, 2011

School Supplies!

I have a big master "To Do" list going of all the things to keep me productive and on track until this baby makes his grand entrance. One of the items on the list: Get Max's school supplies. I couldn't believe it when I pulled out the calendar today because Max wanted to know how many days until school starts. Three Weeks and Three Days until Kindergarten Open House!!! Wow- and I know it is going to be a whirlwind between now and then with the baby's arrival.

So off to Walmart we went with school supply list in hand. Max was so excited, and so was I. I always loved school supply time when I was a kid- and it was so fun to see Max enjoy it as well. He wanted to sit in the cart to organize the items as we picked them out. He told me, "I've got them all organized, because it's important to be organized when you're in school." :-)

Kindergarten, here we come!


Dawn said...

Max--I can't wait until you come to Kindergarten!!!

Soaring High said...

I love school shopping!!! We're going as soon as we get back from vacation! Happy soon-to-be-Kindergarten Max!!

Lorenz Family Blog said...

It's crazy that he is this old!! I keep scratching MY head & wondering how I've ended up with a 4th & a 2nd grader for this fall! Homeschooling keeps us from having a lot of supplies to buy, but it's still exciting. I NEED to sit down & figure out what curriculum I need & what I will teach this year because we've all had the "blahs" about school!!

Southern Belle said...

Good times! My oldest two are looking forward to September as well and I totally agree, its a lot of fun getting everything ready.

the schilps said...

wow, i can't believe it is that time already. you are going to do great, max!! lots of thoughts for all of you these days :)

love love love

Jonathan said...

So exciting! I always loved (and love) the school aisle, too. Max, you will do great in kindergarten!