Thursday, December 16, 2010

Conversations with Maggie: Christmas Edition

Max and Maggie are playing with those annoying musical dancing Santas at the Walgreens checkout. The cashier tries to ask Maggie about Santa:

Cashier: Who's coming to see you this Christmas?
Maggie: Grandmama Vicki!!!
Cashier: No, who's coming to your house to bring you lots of presents?

Smart kid. :-)


Jonathan said...

Um, yes, she knows exactly where the good stuff comes from. ;)

Merry Christmas

Soaring High said...

last year Ben and another little Kindergartener announced to the whole class that Santa wasn't alive anymore. Presents really came from dad and mom. Oh dear! Lets just say the teacher had to do some repair work. We haven't told our kids Santa isn't real; we've just read them the Voice of the Martyrs Children's story of Santa where they give the true story of Saint Nick. We even still put out cookies when they know the presents come from us. (Luke and I enjoy the cookies)

The Ramirez Family said...

Too cute! Ziva thinks Santa is her Grandpa, ever since last year when Hector and Mary sent a recordable story of "The Night Before Christmas." Now when Ziva sees Santa anywhere she cries, "Grandpa!"