Friday, July 16, 2010

Conversations with Maximus

While looking at pictures of our friends Jonathan and Grace on their blog:

Maximus: Why do they like each other?
Me: Because they are brother and sister, just like you and Maggie. Do you and Maggie like each other?
Maximus: (hesitating) Well..... sometimes she smells kinda bad.

Perhaps he was searching for an excuse. At any rate, we had a good but brief conversation about how we need to love people even if they smell funny. :-)


Alison said...

Ha ha ha!! Thanks for adding a laugh to my day :-).

Sam said...

That's what I tell my wife...

Jonathan said...

Love, love, love this!

Just had quite the conversation with J. about how he hopes this baby is a boy, and he had hoped that Grace was a boy...he says he's not crazy about girls and the girly things they play with, like dolls, but that he likes Grace because she's pretty sweet. :)

Thank goodness!

Love to you and your kiddos!