Saturday, June 05, 2010

Day 4: A Day at the Beach

Day 4: Oceanside Beach

On our first full day staying in Fallbrook with Chaney and Mary, we spent a glorious day at Oceanside beach. It was Maximus and Maggie's first time to visit the sea.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, here's one that sums up how we all felt about the beach:

Sheer Delight.

Lucas and I arrived at the beach about an hour before Chaney and Mary and Elisa (Mary's mom), who were coming in another vehicle. While Lucas was gone to meet up with them and bring them to where we were, I was sitting on the beach alone, watching the kids play in the sand. This is what I saw:

I'm not quite sure what it was– It might have been the look of pure happiness on their faces, combined with that fresh salty breeze and the sound of the tide rolling in and out. Perhaps it was the cute way that Max poked a tiny pinky-sized hole in every sand castle to make a door and then examined it closely to answer some unspoken curiosity in his mind. Or maybe it was just the simple beauty of a moment with my children that will always be locked away in my heart. Whatever it was, the tears just started rolling down my cheeks.

It felt right– like salty tears of happiness were at home by the sea. I'll never forget it.


Jonathan said...

So beautiful. I'm so glad you captured the moments in thought and in pictures.


the schilps said...

i agree with amy.. beautiful, riss. and that last picture of lucas and maggie, with her little hand on his face. LOVE it!
love you.

Anonymous said...

beautiful! ~ nancy j.