Wednesday, August 19, 2009

We're Baaaa-aaaack!

Okay, folks. The Roebuck family is back online. Since it's a futile endeavor to get the blog caught up on the last month of life, I will instead give you a quick and totally incomprehensive pictorial overview of the last month of our lives:

1. We packed a. whole. lot. of boxes.

2. We watched movers pack our entire life into a semi. Then we said many, many sad goodbyes to our dear friends in Idaho.

3. We moved into our fab new loft in downtown Siloam Springs, which we love, despite the fact....

4. ..... that this is the color of the living room walls.

5. We got settled in. And Max and Maggie find out how great it is to have late night parties every night, now that they share a room.

6. We enjoyed some great Roebuck/Huckaby mania when Erick, Brandy, Susan and Jackson moved to Siloam the same week we did (Erick is now a professor at JBU), and Jacob and Laura got to come for a visit for the weekend!

7. We squeezed in some mega quality time with good friends.

8. And somewhere in the midst of all this, Lucas started his new job as Director of University of Communications at John Brown University! It's been a C-R-A-Z-Y few weeks, but we are thrilled to be back in Siloam Springs and calling it home once again!


Five Freddys said...

Hooray! Glad you're so close. Would love to schedule a play-date once you all get settled :)

Anonymous said...

we're so glad you're here!

the schilps said...

woohoo! thanks for the overview riss. now, deep breath :)